Hello World, version three….

Ok I guess my first post is lost and I will try to recreate my first post. I was just let go from my work and am now a fulltime artist. I enjoy this and feel that life is trying to get me to see that I should be doing what I love and what is my passion, everything else is just a waste of my “time”. I know “time” doesnt exist but most people have not come to that conclusion yet. If you are reading this blog I will tell you that what I write will be very much out of the ordinary. I am an artist who has a plethora of interests and who never gets bored. I love to dive into subjects that are mind boggeling and like Curious George I dabble in ALL kinds of things from Sustainable living, abstract art, sailing, exercise, love, dogs, writing my books, singing and song writing, running, walking my dogs, feeding wildlife, taking care of Mother Earth, life after 2012, going off the grid, building a pool(which I am doing in 102 degrees) here in the Hill Country of Texas. My passion besides what I wrote preciously is painting abstract art, performing my songs, producing movies, writing songs and books, meditating, eating Raw Foods and so on. I want to open peoples minds and keep my own mind open as well. I am constantly reading at least 5 or 6 books at a time about all kinds of subjects and on line constantly to see the latest in solar power and how to keep my pool(once it is built) clean without chemicals.. like this site….


I believe that we will be able to get “off the grid” very soon and that is my goal. I am also learning to garden organically. Btw if I write incorrectly please excuse me, but my native language is Danish and I will try to better my grammar.

Have you seen the movie  Off the Grid. On the Mesa


Or an instruction on how to live Off the Grid in Canada





Thank you for reading my blog and please make a comment:)

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