Being late and calling my hairdresser on the way saved me some gas…..

My appointment was not until tomorrow so I guess you could say I went  early. I ended up at Borders(you know the chain that is bankrupt) and bought a bag of books for nothing.. Jipeeeee.

I came home to find a deer in my yard looking for food, which I had forgotten so I went out to feed them and have just come back to this site feeling that all happens for a reason. I got some great books on Raw Food, Homeopathy, Sustainable Living, Solar energy and more. Now I am headed to the library to do some reading for the next couple of hours. Before I retire from WP I just want you guys to know that the deer and his family came back to eat. I feel a lot better now. For the people who dont know it, here in the Texas Hill country we have not had rain in months but scorching 102 degree heat almost every day so the deer are so undernourished that they need help to survive. Usually I let nature do its thing but this is an emergency and I know I will have to keep on until spring hopefully we will be having rain soon. Pray for rain….

Ciao Helene


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