Woke up this morning before the sun and decided to go back to sleep

Had one of those mornings when sleep sounded better than being awake. Did not want to hear what I was thinking…was aware that my mind was playing tricks again and wanted me to feel bad about not having a job. I did not want to feel that way so I went back to sleep. When I did get up the sun was shining in my face and the dogs were laying with their heads on me as well. I felt that now I could get up. Made a smoothie with Raw Eggs and raw butter and fruits and then took the dogs with me and drove to Corpus Cristi Texas. I spent the day sunbathing, boogieboarding and swimming and returned home at night. I am working on keeping my spirits up to stay creative and to stay positive. It is all in the mind and I am Dam*^$#@# that I will keep by mind positive and invincible at all times. I know that we can control our minds and our feelings and when we are on high frequencies we have “magic” happen in our lives. The people we have been thinking about suddenly call or turn up or we happen to run into someone we just thought of….I love it when life lines up and synchronistic things happen. I don’t call it coincidences because that doesn’t exist…ha ha.



2 thoughts on “Woke up this morning before the sun and decided to go back to sleep

  1. A blog! Fantastic news! Have read it all and so happy to get a glimpse of your everyday life over there. Lots of hugs and kisses to my wonderful friend! Miss you so, Minna 🙂


  2. Well, what can I do that has not been done yet. So I started a blog, mainly to keep myself sane and maybe also staying with my goals. I have a tendency to do too many things and then end up with many not finished projects. This way I envision me finishing my projects. Minna I miss you and am always reading your blog as well. You inspire me and I hope this time I will be able to finish my projects because I am finally fed up with trying to work for others….It just doesnt work out and I can’t believe I am still trying to take the “easy way out” when I know from my inside that I need to be my own boss and be creative and make my living being creative….jada, jada, jada…You know what I am talking about. Thank you for being there and supporting me as my first follower…Jipeeeeee. Wow, I feel a lot of load has finally come off my back and I am smiling right now and feeling great. Maybe that would be a topic to write something about…..making a living on what you love……Well I better get writing….Off I go…..Love you!!!!


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