Just got to thinking about how life would be great when I made a living on being creative. It is not that I haven’t done this before

it before. It is the thought of doing it again that excites me. Well I finally realized the lie I was living on when I took another job to pay my bills. I had my bills payed with little time to spend on being creative. I would come back from work at 10PM and during my commute, which took about an hour, I would fantasize about all the things I would do and then upon returning home I would be so tired I would be ready to go to sleep. In the morning I would wake up and fantasize about which paintings I would make as soon as I had some days off. Well this happened day after day and after about 4 months I was laid off from my “work”. Wow It was a freeing feeling. Suddenly I had all the time in the world to spend on my creative work and my mind has not stopped since. My friend Minna lives in Sweden and started a blog doing what she loves arranging flowers which turned in to taking pictures of her arrangements which turned into styling the pictures and now is writing her third book about flowers and arrangements and did I say she is making a living on doing what she loves….Wow, that is inspiring. To see her blog and beautiful pictures visit…www.blomsterverkstaden.com

Leaving for now, but will be back….


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