This morning I decided to get up early to check out the wildlife. Here in Texas it has been very dry, extremely dry. We have only

had two short rains all summer so drought is what we are experiencing. I just came back from Washington DC a few days ago where I experienced an earth quake and a hurricane and where the trees have too much water…is that possible???? I say, looking outside and wishing it would rain and seeing the trees having too little water. I have set up a tank with water for the deer and other animals and also a deer feeder and bird feeder and bath…When I look outside my garden looks like a Walt Disney movie with rabbits and squirrels and birds and hummingbirds and deer visiting, I even have a road runner coming by. I feel lucky too be able to help them. I have families of Bambis coming and drinking and eating from my yard and so I have to keep everything filled up all through winter since the usual vegetation has dried up


Deer in my backyard...yay


Well as you see my yard is wild and now the deer feel it is a safe haven and they come for food and water. I am so grateful that I am able to help them and hope they survive this winter. Lets pray for rain:)




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