Ok so I tried to get some Raw Milk and Raw Cheese at my local farmers market today….they were all out!!!

I called up my “Raw Milk” neighbor and hoped her cow was ready for milking since she had just had a calf and jipee, I was lucky this time.  Tomorrow I will be able to have Raw Milk and make my own butter and cheese. The latter is a first, but I will try. I did however get my unheated honey which tastes terrific and is local. I also went and got Raw meat and it is right now in my refrigerator and I am supposed to eat it raw, but I have chickened out(btw I also got a chicken,lol). Any Raw Foodist out there that can help out on choosing wisely? I just read We Want To Live, The Primal Diet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz and it is great because he speaks about Raw Milk and how healthy it is and also about the Raw Meat….I just want to be sure I get the good meat. How can I tell?


Thank you for reading my blog and please make a comment:)

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