Art, Abstract Expressionism my Passion…..

Made in Heaven....

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Examples of some of my work(PLAY). This is my passion, I do shows where I dance to music and perform action painting and of course this is Abstract Expressionism at its “funnest”. I meditate every day and when I paint I take that state of being and totally let my(self) go and just become a channel for “whatever or whomever” to go through me and create….It is the most fun thing to do and I have had people come up to me and ask if some of my paintings were “Jackson Pollock” and I would tell them that it/he/she has all gone through me.. I always take that as a very big compliment, when I resemble other artists, but I know that I don’t try to, it just is what it is. I facilitate the space for “the Divine” to come through me and on to the canvas. I am amazed every time I see the canvas to see the beauty that has come through me without me “knowing” it:)

Divine Order...Together with my piece at Gallery 605, Boerne

Divine Order was created in front of an audience at Gallery 605 in Boerne Texas:)

Creating Divine Order:)

In full swing creating my art and having a blast:)


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