I guess I have been out of the loop regarding Keystone XL, you know the pipeline that is to be built from Canada to Texas!!!!!

I am a bit surprised that we as a people don’t see that what we really need is to become independent of oil and oil products. We need to go back to nature and utilize the sun(which we have plenty of here in Texas) hey we could export sun energy anytime. We also have wind energy as well. Our infrastructure is so reliable on us being able to turn on the switch and then we get electricity, but what happens when we run out of oil???? We are heading that way now and I feel the only thing we should be using oil for is to produce solar panels and wind and water energy solutions. We will not be able to sustain our lives this way for much longer. I stand behind stopping the Keystone XL pipeline from being built and so does Darryl Hannah, she was in DC and got arrested for peacefully protesting the building of the pipeline.

I guess the only way Mother Earth will get her way is to have an earthquake that ruins the pipeline. She shook in DC when I was there but people forget. And I see the writing on the wall, don’t you all see it?? The scientists are warning us that we are signing our extinction just like other civilizations did if we continue to drill and misuse the natural resources like we have been doing. We need to learn from the old civilizations and only take what we need and give back to mother earth and take care of her.



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