Texas drought in my backyard….






Water for the birds...


Hummingbirds are hard to catch on photo



These cactus grow well in the drought


Tank for watering the deer and other animals who need it...


Deer family who come every day to drink and eat...


Well here is some of the things I see everyday from my window and I am thankful that I can help these animals through this drought.

My plants need water as well and without watering systems I would not have any of my fruit trees or my garden….


Watering system....


Orange tree with oranges....




Tomatoes, the last batch....


I would not have any of these if I did not have my watering system. I am grateful that I was wise to build this system so these plants had a chance of surviving.  Anyhoo does anyone know of how to save the seeds of tomatoes for next season? Happy to learn from the pros:)



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