There I was, sitting with my mouth open, at the dentists office and he…

says, we need to extract that tooth. That was not what I wanted to hear, I thought that I had done that years ago(when it was a “milk” tooth) and this tooth had already cost me 4000 dollars so I wanted to keep my”investment”, but he was serious and so there it went. I have kept part of it but, the rest is “history” as they say. Oh well…Law of Non-Attachment is probably not that far away….as soon as I find it I will let you know. Right now I am drinking protein drinks and eating bananas and hoping my healing will be fast, which it usually is.

This is minor compared to what other people I know are going through so I will take a moment and remember how delicate life is and how thankful I am being healthy and happy and living the life I love and all the magic that is in my life. I am thankful for the Firefighters that kept the fire under control so it didn’t spread to any homes or hurt anyone. I am also thankful to my friends who seem to understand when I need them and call out of the blue to see how I am doing. I love you guys!!!!

Hey, Does anyone know how much to feed wild deer??

Love Bug...

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