projects to do so I have again “started” making lists. Sometimes I forget what I wrote down on my yearly to-do list. It was pretty intense and I guess “losing” the job and gaining all the time, I now have a chance at creating all I wrote down in the beginning of the year….YIKES!!!! and YAY!!!!!  Which gets me to thinking, how did people reach to be creative in the “old” days? I guess you had to have Nanny’s and Cooking Staff and Cleaning Staff and all that…. Well anyway, back to my first thought of being busy and loving it and running on adrenalin that never seems to stop and all the things buzzing in my mind, how do you/I find time to be social???? That is the question!!

Well I just “disappear” for a while into my cocoon and just “be” creative and loving life, and all my animals around me, and when looking in my back yard I see deer, roadrunners, squirrels, birds of all kinds, rabbits, foxes, hummingbirds and I feel it is like looking at a Disney Movie with all the Magic.  Wow I am living magic and very close to mother earth and really connecting. Even though we have a bad drought here in Texas, I have been able to set up a water tank for the animals, put deer and other food out and of course bird and hummingbird feed as well, so I guess that is one of the reasons they visit so often. It makes me feel that I am helping nature and yes I know I will have to keep on doing this all winter, but it is the only right thing to do when I saw how they were suffering.

Back to the beginning, I am now going down the list of my to-do in 2011 and I am counting about three months to reach it, so I guess I need help from the above to reach it. Wish me luck and I will keep you posted….

Orbit, I can't go there

Ciao 4 now…


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