Texas women vs Danish/Swedish women

I couldn’t help but reflect on what makes a Texas woman so strong willed. Is it the tough climate (very HOT and DRY) or nature(scorpions, snakes, mountain lions and not to forget armadillos) that brings it on? Is it all the macho men that live here or is it just bred down from the Germans and other peoples that settled here. I used to think that Scandinavian women (I myself am born in  Copenhagen Denmark and lived in Sweden) were the toughest breed there are, with all our equality and stand-upish way of being, right in your face if it needs to be, but after living two years in Texas I am beginning to doubt. I have even learned that hammers that I thought were used to hit nails with, now have a completely different use here….

Guess who I found in my shower......this is a rubber hammar.....with someone on it..

I know Buddha says not to kill any living thing ( i believe he is the one saying that) but I am sorry this Dane is not wanting to share a bed or bath or my shoes with a scorpion, it just is too painful…so… my rubber hammar has this other job as well. It beats using my heavy books that look so messy after a while. My son is a fond user of my books, mostly the heavy well bound ones, to crash on insects in the middle of the night and wake us all up, but this is more silent and a better way…..

Anyhoo, back to the Texas vs Danish/Swedish, I have always felt that to live in the beautiful Scandinavian countries you have to be tough, because of the short and rainy and cloudy summers and very long and cold dark winters, but at least you can go barefoot without getting stung by a scorpion, bit by a snake or hurt by grass spurs. For you Scandinavians out there, grass spurs are a nuisance, they are like tiny thorns from a rosebush and they like to get stuck under your feet or your dogs feet. In Texas you do have the sun, thank god for that, but sometimes like right now there is a drought going on and it is very tough for the wildlife (like I have written about previously) and yesterday and last night we got some rain and I am grateful, because we sure needed it.  Other things to remember is to shake your shoes before putting them on and also your clothes if it has been laying for a while, because you dont want to share your clothes with a scorpion..right??!! Ouch!!!



Ciao all you wonderful people….



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