Green Living and Sustainable Living….same same?

key limes from my backyard tree
KeyLime tree


I was searching for a way to live green and sustainable and economical at the same time. I believe we have natural resources that we can utilize and are free  and also reuse used cans and build solar panels….below are some examples of that and other examples that you can find on youtube.

I found this article and “Green House” is dear to my heart and way of living. At the moment I am working on collecting a lot of cans (coke cans and beer cans) to make my first solar panel, because that is the only thing left to go completely green. My house was built green but solar power was not installed and now I found some website that show how to DIY….lol

solar window heater….

another solar heater…

solar water heater…

here is an example in Maine of a green house…





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