Living on what you love to do….for me it is my art and music and writing……

Here we go again, I had to take a part time job to pay the bills….ever heard that one? I guess I am not alone about that one and then I came from work today and felt good about it even though I sort of promised myself and all you guys I would now live off of my art….go figure that the money ran out before I was “famous” or at least “living on my art” back to going to work part time. It was really great even though I am NOT getting rich I had a good time and I am happy I will not be able to live comfortably because then it forces my brain to come up with things to make to make money…jipeee. This what I asked the “above” or the “universe” to grant me and I got it! Now I have to come up with things to make money with and also to develop my art further, which forces me to go to the studio and create..create..create…  I also submitted some of my music to a contest and I got it back without winning….but I like it so I know someone else will. I guess I just need it to be in front of the right person and then I will be an instant success!!!! Jipeeeee….ok some of you might think I am dreaming up this story and also that I am living in lala land…and you may be right but without imagination there is no fun and if you can imagine yourself in situations where you achieve something the likelyhood is far greater that it will happen to you and that is what visualization is all about. See yourself doing it, feel yourself doing it, know that you are doing it and you will be doing it. Just getting on the same frequency as what you want to accomplish and alikazam you are doing it, or having it before you know it:)

So start imagining all you want and really feel it, see it, and it is yours….


Spreading the love to all


Thank you for reading my blog and please make a comment:)

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