So life just happened or I let it just “happen” to me and now what???

Greetings my fellow readers, I find myself these days wondering how life just keeps surprising me and twisting and turning until I can’t find out if its “me” or if it is just “life” that seems to be and take me to places I know, and some I did not know or care to revisit. When the Deja vu happens and I find out that I have been there before, this has happened to me before, and the last time it happened I just about had enough so why would it happen again???? Had I NOT learned from last time???? I thought I had and again I guess I was wrong because now it is full circle and I am at the same point that I was before. If you are still with me and trying to figure it out, don’t worry, I am with you and also trying to figure out what I just wrote about, without really saying anything and understanding much less of it!!! Ha ha.  Happened before??? YES it has!  In a funny way I am talking about(I think) relationships ups and downs and the in between days when you don’t know head or tail what is going on with the other one or yourself for that matter. Things become so confusing and before you know it you have no clue how and why the relationship is so (messed up) difficult and you think it is about to crumble like you are about to crumble….. This is when it is imperative to have great communication skills and to really talk things over, because otherwise one will be making his story and the other will be making her story and as we all know these stories can be as different as white and black with no common denominator…..

Michelle(tan) came to us at a gas station and Tora(black) we got as a puppy.


Look at these two dogs…Tora is licking her new sister who doesnt dare move and slowly she is now part of the family. I owe this to Tora. Michelle also called Bou Bou or booboo,  would get scared  like a sudden movement or someone coming close to her( we believe before we found her she had been abused by some people) now she is more used to sudden movements even though she still gets scared, she is now able to play with us and also play with Tora (black) who has been a wonderful dog for Michelle and helped her see that we are good people and we don’t hurt animals. Tora has shown Michelle how much she loves her and us and Michelle has after two years really grown up to be a loving dog and a wonderful protector of her “sister” if other dogs attack Tora. Michelle is not afraid of other animals only other humans, but I bet she would stand up to whatever and whomever that could possibly hurt us. She is always on the look out as if that is her assigned job and when we are outside Michelle is constantly hunting and sniffing while Tora just wants to chase balls or swim. Anyhoo I am so happy with these two and it is easy to see what unconditional love does for relationships, so why is it so difficult to do for us humans? We are supposed to be able to control our emotions and choose….well for the most it works but I do fall and say stuff I shouldn’t and also do stuff I shouldn’t and wish there was a rewind button to make everything good again.

((If you need relationship advise??? Don’t ask me…LOL The Secret has a new cd called the Power, it guides you to use the Secret and take it to real life in “How to” live, love and other goodies..

Love is wonderful at times and horrible at other times and I guess like Churchill in WW2 said; “When you are going through hell…..keep going”!


Live Love Be




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