I am in heaven…Just got my Raw Milk and took a sip!!!!!!!

I can’t explain how happy I am to have two pints of RAW MILK in my refrigerator  I have almost already downed a pint. It is soooooo goooooood! I also have Raw Goat Yoghurt and am going to try it tomorrow. I feel so lucky and happy that I finally have found a source of this dairy that is also from very well taken care of cows who are treated better than people and fed organic food and who are free on the pasture to roam. It feels good and healthy to drink the milk and the goats yoghurt keeps my gut in great shape on the inside and on the outside, which means in the long run that I will be healthy without the normal flu or colds even though it is the season for it. Many people don’t understand that if the gut is healthy so are they:) Just that simple.  For all you people who have “lactose intolerance” I know many that have cured it with REAL UNPASTEURIZED RAW MILK…or yoghurt. The difference is that these cows are treated well and have great diets have their exercise, are organically grass fed and are loved. Furthermore they are kept sterile when the farmer handles their milk and so I drink this without any concern about getting sick. One of the reasons pasteurization was invented was so that if one dairy farmer out of 20 was not up to date on cleanliness then it wouldn’t effect the others who were and they could sell their milk in larger quantities. The cows were also given drugs to produce more and they were on a poor diet as well as not being able to move around…it became an industry where as much profit as possible was the norm and I dont believe anyone who knows what they have gone through would be able to drink their milk.  Cows are sensitive and wonderful creatures and deserve a good life and I am happy to be part of that life:)

If you want to find out more about health and a reliable source please visit http://www.dr.Mercola.com

Thank you for your interest:)


Live love be


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