Where have I been the last week? What happened to my dear oak?


My beautiful Oak:)
My Beautiful Oak:)

I  woke up and saw my beautiful oak tree with leaves turned  brown….have I been sleeping all this time? It feels it was just yesterday that they were still green. Welcome to reality she(my oak) “said”, life is ever changing and before you know it much “time” has gone by. People always talk about “time”, I have no time, there is little time left… and the wise say there is no such thing as time. It doesn’t exist, but then why do we rely so much on what time it is? I stopped wearing a watch years ago and almost dont have any clocks in the house…I don’t always make my appointments “on time” but I feel when I come it is the right time. Most people who know me have accepted this but I often get in trouble at work and often get fired because of it. The only places I don’t get fired are places where my “work” is done with other like minded artists and where creativity and project based work is done. I always get things done when I have planned my project and when I set the “time” schedule. I think that is funny to think of. I guess we all have our inner “clocks” and each is different from the other so it is best to team up with “likeminded” clock people. LOL


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