I am in my bed getting ready to sleep but before I do I

sit here and check the computer for the last time. Have I missed anything? This is normal to have the computer so close since I am an author and write most of the time, but tonight I didn’t write, I didn’t read, I mostly just ‘wasted’ time thinking and wondering how I will get my studio done and how I wanted it to look and what content I would talk about when it was done. That is my dilemma, I have so much knowledge about so many things but what is the most important subject to ‘teach’. I have already written my book, and have a second in the pipeline..should I go ahead and get that one done before I start my channel? Having worked in the film business for many years I know how labour intensive it is to work with film and the studio is part of my past. Somehow I keep thinking it is the right way to go but something is still stopping me or at least someone….is it me….do I really want to get into this again? This time it would be me, myself and I doing it all, filming, talking, and editing and teaching…. I know when I have the real reason to do it I will, but until then I will be thinking about it.

My question is ultimately, will there be an interest for something I am passionate about? Will I make a difference with what I have to say and will I help change the world for the better. The Universe just says…When you touch one heart then you have made a difference. When you work through your heart then you touch other peoples heart and you do make a difference so that is what you should do, just like you did with your book. Thank you guys. What do you think? #amwriting #amlove #heart #difference #books #author


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