Grateful for synchronicity yesterday when all was flowing to me…..

I went to a restaurant after winning a tennis match and  Esther Hicks, Abraham,  came to the same place. I was so grateful because I had the chance to tell her how grateful I was for the work she does on this planet for all of us and then I gave her my book……It was awesome:)  My order for a children’s book by Jim Carrey, How Roland Rolls came so I could see what  beautiful work he had done. My cover editor answered an email I sent a while back and he will assist me with other projects..jipeeee. And of course I am just grateful for being in the flow…nothing beats that:) So happy is my name:) Love you all #amwriting #amlove #jimcarrey #love #flow #amediting #amreading #childrensbooks #children #EstherHicks #Abraham #amreading #JimCarrey #IgaveEstherHicksMyBook

Most of all when we are in the state of synchronicity like Abraham says then we are inside the Vortex…that is the best place to be because everything can happen that we have been working on attracting…so remember friends it is important that you remember to be in a good space and keep yourself in a big vibration so that what you wish shall come to you:)



Thank you for reading my blog and please make a comment:)

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