The soul of an older tree

  Look at the beauty of this tree.  It has a story to tell and if you look closer all kinds of species live here and are sustained by this tree. Because of the deep roots the tree helps the plants around it get minerals and nutrients through its root system because it carries this to the surface.  It’s leaves while on the tree create what we breathe and when the leaves fall they create ground cover that protects the tree from cold and after the cold season the leaves get naturally mulched by the insects the live underneath.  So this beauty sustains us by being our lungs our soil builder our shade on a hot sunny day and she sustains the plants around her and she houses insects and birds and squirrels all depending on which stage of life she is in.   I am no expert but I am sure I have left out some things so please educate me on what more trees do:).  I am amazed by how important trees are for our survival and how little people understand that they do.   


3 thoughts on “The soul of an older tree

  1. lovely photo! wonderful post and info!
    I might add, the mighty tree reaches out to hold and give shelter to us, the artists as well…. πŸ™‚
    tree lover that I am, LOL cheers, Debi

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