Its the day of the election and I am feeling a bit woozy. I have put out all this effort to educate and enlighten as many as possible and the outcome is unclear. I want to accept whatever happens and know I have done my part.

I might have lost a few people in the process but I will not apologize for what I feel is everyones duty and that is to speak up and open up dialogue. Only through communication can we understand each other and the world. Through communication we can change the world and become a better person and help build a better future together. My uneasiness comes from knowing that our right to freedom of speech could be in jeopardy and if that happened I would be the first who would get in trouble…lol. I remember in 6th grade my teacher stood at the blackboard(I now I just gave away my age) and said, “The next one to speak one word would get a punishment of writing…I will not speak out of turn…1000 times. Again I was not listening and I opened my mouth without raising my hand and got the punishment…and it was to be signed by my parents….I remember the feeling of depression overcoming me. I also remember my fear of having to explain this to my Mother….I knew that I would be punished much more from her than writing 1000 times. I was in disbelief that I had just gotten myself in so much trouble and so wanting to rewind so this was not actually happening… Some of you that have read my first book may understand my fear…

I AM: The Souls Journey to Helene V Gross you can get it on Amazon…

But for those that haven’t read it yet…. My fear was that anything negative from school would be taken seriously at home and punished with very serious punishment. Looking at it today I feel uneasy just thinking about it but at the time it was very real for me. My stomach turned upside down and I felt nauseous. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen and how it would effect me. Going back to this election I feel a certain uneasiness and a feeling of…How will this effect me and my family. How will future generations look at this and have we done everything we could do? I will be in prayer today and send in all the beautiful love energy and join the 6PM world prayer. Lots of love to all:)





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