Artist of Spirit Helene V Gross…..thats me. Always thinking about mind boggeling things and curious about life and beyond. Wanting to see through all illusions and get to the core of reality and also go beyond and above what is the norm. I dont think I have ever really been “the norm”. I have always felt being different and it keeps me thinking in other ways than most. Always questioning, Why, Who, When, What and digging deeper into what is……Life fascinates me….I mean REALLY fascinates me. Take the feeling when you stand close to a tree……breathe in its smell and feel its “life”…amazing and beautiful and MAGICAL!!!!! I love it….I am always expressing the inner core in my art, always going deeper….taking my mind and turning it off…going into my heart and really FEELING my art….Love it!!!! Much LOVE to ALL!!


Thank you for reading my blog and please make a comment:)

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