Thinking about chocolate

  You know the feeling……. Mmmmmmmmm.  Like a gene turns on when you are low on M&Ms and you go all over the house trying to find the stash but No luck.  So you have to go to the store to get them.   We live far from a store so my rational mind just gets up and rubs magnesium oil on me and it does the trick.  Lol.   My old self would have jumped in the car and gone to the store.  Lol.  Enjoy your Sunday folks.  

The soul of an older tree

  Look at the beauty of this tree.  It has a story to tell and if you look closer all kinds of species live here and are sustained by this tree. Because of the deep roots the tree helps the plants around it get minerals and nutrients through its root system because it carries this to the surface.  It’s leaves while on the tree create what we breathe and when the leaves fall they create ground cover that protects the tree from cold and after the cold season the leaves get naturally mulched by the insects the live underneath.  So this beauty sustains us by being our lungs our soil builder our shade on a hot sunny day and she sustains the plants around her and she houses insects and birds and squirrels all depending on which stage of life she is in.   I am no expert but I am sure I have left out some things so please educate me on what more trees do:).  I am amazed by how important trees are for our survival and how little people understand that they do.   

We are all one. The Ocean is contained in the drop while the drop is part of the ocean….

Just LOVE this:)

artist helene v gross

We are all one. The ocean is contained in the drop and the drop is part of the ocean..... We are all one. The ocean is contained in the drop and the drop is part of the ocean…..

The little drop makes ripples far beyond its own circumference and that is what we do as human beings. The little “drop” we are makes ripples in the world. So make sure your ripple is a good one and watch the Universe return with greater ease to you what you send out. Love Helene

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If last years resolution didn’t work then why continue???

Lets start with something new.. Why not Happy New You!!! This is something that we can do any day of the year, any hour and any minute. It is something that we can do to make us happy at any time without any hesitation, we will just Do it. We will be Happy with ourselves…that is it! We can do this at any time, all the time, we decide when and for how long. I propose we do it any time we feel less than, we do it when something didn’t really go our way, we do it Now!   When we do this we decide to be happy with ourselves just the way we are right now!!! I love you…just do it:)2005_0617Image0010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and may peace be within you!!!!


Ok Mamma if you wish I will wear these to make you happy but honestly they make me feel like I am a clown and then the jingle noise…where does it come from? Merry Christmas to all, Happy Holidays and may peace be within you!!!!

I am Goldie, I am the protector of trees


Here I am….My name is Goldie. As you can see I am a faery. I am the protector of trees and forests. They are Mother Earths lungs and her soil makers. Whenever you go to the forest just look under the trees and you will see the luscious soil being created.

Blue Nude…

Picasso-esc art. Abstract expressionism

Picasso-esc art. Abstract expressionism

It was one of those days when I was looking at myself and I needed a slow period where I could be introspective and see the beauty inside who hadn’t yet shown herself to the world. I was laying down looking up at the sky and nature and I just immersed with it. Do you see that?